General Meeting for the Year 2008

The Ordinary Annual Meeting of Alkim Kagit A.S.  is scheduled to be held at our head office : Kemalpasa Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Kirovasi Mevkii, Kemalpasa Izmir on April 01, 2009 at 14:30, for the purpose of discussing the subjects mentioned in the below agenda. 

Alkim Kagit A.S.

The Agenda of the Ordinary Annual General Meeting:

1- Opening and appointment of the Directing Council,
2- Authorizing the Directing Council to sign the minutes of the General Meeting,
3- Announcement and review of the reports of the Board of Directors, Internal Auditors and the Independent Auditor for the year 2008 operations and accounts,
4- Announcement, review and ratification of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the year of 2008,
5- Ratification of the new Board Member, elected by the Board of Directors, as for the replacement of the member resigned within the term, as required for the Turkish Commercial Code Article 315,
6- Discharge of the Board of Directors and Auditors form the liabilities born from the operations of 2008,
7- Discussing and taking decision about the Board of Directors’ proposal for the distribution of the profit of the year 2008,
8- Election of the Board of Directors and determination of their terms,
9- Election of the Auditors,
10- Determination of the compensation for the directors and auditors,
11- Approval of the proposal for the independent Audit firm for the term of 2009,
12- Information to  the shareholders regarding the donations for the year of 2008,
13- Empowerment of the Board of Directors to carry out the transactions set out in Articles 334 and 335 of the Tukish Commercial Code,
14- Wishes and hopes.