General Meeting for the Year 2007

The Ordinary Annual General Meeting of Alkim Kagit A.S is scheduled to be held at our head office: Kemalpasa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Kirovasi Mevkii, Kemalpasa Izmir on March 25, 2008 at 14:30, for the purpose of discussing the subjects mentioned in the below agenda.

Alkim Kagit A.S.

The agenda of the Ordinary Annual General Meeting:

 1- Appointment of the Directing Council,
 2- Authorizing the Directing Council to sign the minutes of the General Meeting, 
 3- Announcement and review of the reports of the Board of Directors, Internal Auditors and the Independent Auditor for the year of 2007 operations and figures, 
 4- Announcement, review and ratification of the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement for 2007, 
 5- Discharge of the Board of Directors and Auditors from the liabilities born from the operations and accounts of 2007, 
 6- Election of Directors whose terms expired and determination of their terms,
 7- Election of Auditors, 
 8- Determination of the compensation for the directors and auditors,
 9- Ratification of the appointment of the independent auditor for 2008,
10- Information to the shareholders regarding the donations for 2007 and authorizing the Board of Directors for the year 2008,
11- The decision to be made for the profit of the year 2007 to be used in compensating the previous years' losses,
12- Empowerment of the Board of Directors in connection with matters falling within the scope of articles 334 and 335 of the Turkish Commercial Code,
13- Wishes and hopes.