Alkim, that was previously called “Alkali Mining” was founded in Istanbul in 1948. In the same years, the Company has attempted to the Mining and Chemistry Industries, and has set out its long and hard but successful journey. In 1963, the company was converted into a Joint Venture Company called Alkim A.S. in order to have large-scale investments with Essex Interiole Fertilizer Co. that belonged to American Standard Oil. In consequence of that partnership, it has carried on activities in mining and chemistry sectors until 1971. However, Kora family has purchased the whole shares of the Company in 1971, and carried on its way under the name Alkim.

Alkim is the best fifth company among other sodium sulfate producers in the world due to 195 million tones of mining reserve in Cayirhan; integrate Koralkim Sodium Sulfate Plants in Dazkiri Aci Gol which is equipped with the latest technology; Sodium Sulfate Plants in Konya Cihanbeyli; and combined mining enterprises. Koralkim Plant has been the first factory that acquired ISO 9002 Certificate with respect to the sodium sulfate production in the world.

After giving service for a long time to the paper industry through sodium sulfate sales to SEKA, Alkim founded the woodfree offset and coated paper plant in Izmir/Kemalpasa, in 1996, considering the increasing need for paper. The plant has started production with 55.000 tons/year capacity in 1997.

Alkim Paper Industry and Trade Inc. as a company that belonged to Alkim Alkali Co., holding 99.9% of the shares in June 1999, was located on totally 79.441 m2 area, 17.216 of which is the indoor area.