About Alkim Paper

Woodfree offset, coated paper and office papers are produced in Alkim Paper Production Plants. The latest technology is used at every stage of production. New generation DCS and QCS systems are used at every stage of the process. Significant progresses were obtained in Alkim Paper quality and the highest quality standards were reached especially in the offset and photocopy papers.
In this regard, upper level technological systems such as Dilution Headbox, Topformer, Profile Controlled Steam box systems, new Pressure Screen, formation control system and sensor, thickness sensor and color sensor had substantial contributions in our quality structure.

In coated paper production, by using a new BTG Gravure system, which is implemented by Alkim for the first time throughout the world, by making single coating, paper produced complies with the double coating specifications. This production system is online machine coating system and with CD and MD coat weight sensors, perfect coating control is achieved.Three cutting machines are used in the converting section, and there is a 6-pack copy paper cutting, packaging and boxing system for the office papers and there is 1 reel slitter – rewinder.

Three cutting machines are used in the converting section, and there is a 6-packs photocopy cutting, packaging and boxing system for the office papers.

Computer based automation is used in every stage of production from pulp feeding to the product loading stages including converting.


Two natural gas turbines producing 5,2 MW and 5,4 MW energy meet the entire power requirement of our plant. In addition to the energy production, the steam obtained in the wastage cauldron is used in the system. Two cogeneration systems that are operated with two optional fuels meet the entire energy requirement of the plant, and operate in compliance with the system.

Research and Development

There are rotogravure and offset print machines and pilot coating machines in the research and development department. R&D activities are carried out for any type of paper and participation to conferences worldwide are made through the Internet. Alkim R&D works heavily on product development and innovations in paper industry.

Quality Assurance Systems

Alkim Paper has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 14000 Environmental Management System, TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System. Alkim is the only paper production facility who has FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certificate in woodfree offset paper production.


Alkim Paper Inc won Aegean Environment Prize in 2002. Alkim has completed chemical and biological refinement premises at 2,5 million $ investment, commenced activities before setting out its paper plants.

Due to legal requirements starting from 2011, although our waste water is being transferred to waste water treatment facility of Kemalpasa Industrial Zone, our waste water treatment facility is active and can be commissioned at any time required.

Our entire paper production holds food certificate. Any chemicals causing risk for food products were removed from our portfolio. Alkim Paper Inc is the only paper plant that recycles refinement water in Turkey.


85-90% of our products are sold in the domestic market, and 10-15% are sold in the foreign market. Alkim Paper Inc has exports to 32 countries, especially to the European countries. Our offset papers are preferred by various companies looking for quality both inside and outside the country. Especially, woodfree offset and photocopy  papers are demanded in the foreign market. Balkan countries and Africa are our other improving markets in addition to European countries.